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Friday Five

This is a sleep-deprived Friday five.  So, I’ll be brief.

1. My little turkey had her first day at the fair! She was SO good! On that note, can I brag a bit on how good she’s been this last week? (Yes, I’m knocking on wood now.)

quick catnap between travels

2. We traveled to the Longview/Nacogdoches area last week to attend PawPaw’s funeral.  We drove 6 hours to Longview on Friday, then Todd drove another 1 1/2 to Doches and didn’t get back until after midnight.  Then we went to Doches all day Saturday.  We traveled again Monday and Tuesday.  Baby girl was passed around from person to person, didn’t nap much, wasn’t in a familiar place much, and she was SUCH a happy girl the whole time! There was one moment though…

3. …when she let out a HUGE fart in the middle of the funeral service! It was right after they referred to the 9 great grandchildren he had (she was #9)! Despite the tears, everyone in our area laughed.  We think she was channeling PawPaw that day. 😉  …we miss him so much.

4. We are STILL in traveling mode right now!  More details later.  I don’t like to talk about stuff when we’re in the midst of it.

5. I will finish with a picture or two of our very first fair trip!

Love you all!