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A fun & easy craft – Baby Legwarmers!

I’ve decided to share a SUPER easy craft I’ve been into lately: Leg Warmers!!

I love and adore leg warmers.  1. They are super cute. 2. They keep little legs warm.  3. They can be layered under summery clothes to get more use out of them. 4. They make diaper changes SO much easier.  I’m a lazy changer… after the 4th or 5th diaper change, I am totally annoyed by the 800 snaps on my daughter’s pants.

There’s only one problem.

They’re about $10 bucks a pair.

So, I’ve looked up on how to make my own.  It’s super easy … all you need is the following:

1. Knee socks (or crew, but they’ll take an extra step)
2. A sewing machine
3. Scissors and Thread

Step one:  Cut the knee socks above the heel.

Cut knee socks above the heel

Step 2: Turn sock inside out and fold over 1 inch (or whatever length you like). Sew with a zig zag stitch.  I prefer a large zig zag at a #4 length.

Tug on ends of finished project to tighten up!

… and that’s it! All done!

I’ve made about 5! All for the price of ONE pair of Baby Legs!

Finished Project!

And to let you know how it looks… my little model!

My Little Pumpkin!

I hope this inspires you to make your own!  If not… I’m more than willing to make some for you at a good price. 😀

Happy Wednesday!