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The Next Chapter: I love me some coffee.

I had a lot of titles for this post, so this post is also known as:
“Finally, a WIN.”, “Some really good news for this family.”, “No longer homeless (an No Longer Nameless reference)”, “Guess what? We’re moving!”, “Just Call him Daddy Starbucks,” and “I thought about putting the entire blog in the subject line but then I realized that there’s not a lot of room there so I guess I will use the body of the blog to post my good news.”

Ah, so now you know.

Here is the good news that I referenced earlier last week: MY SUPER-AWESOME, ROCKSTAR HUSBAND GOT A NEW JOB!!

Yes. That’s right.

Here is our new timeline of the last 18 months:
July 2009: found out we were pregnant
August: lost my job in N. Texas
September/October: moved into renthouse from Hades
November: moved to Oklahoma
December 2009 – Feb 2010: Lived in the family camper
March: Traded places with my fabulous grandparents and moved in the house while they took the camper.
April: Our little girl was born!
May-November: Applied to a bajillion churches and jobs.
December: Got an offer from Starbucks to be a store manager in Stillwater!!

**insert major squeal of joy**

Yes, this means that we are staying in Oklahoma, which is a little sad for our Texas roots, but we will be in a fabulous little town with the perfect distance between both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. This is a big step in Todd’s management career, and we will be in a college town, so we will be able to minister to college students and pretend that we’re still that cool. 😉

There are still a LOT of logistics to work out, and we will not be moving until after training is completed (beginning of March). We are very excited to be moving to Stilly.

I knew I loved coffee!!!

Another bonus: Todd is going to smell SOOOO good… and maybe I’ll be able to flirt my way into some free *Bucks!

Seriously, though. Thank you for all your prayers and more. You’ll never fully know how much it has meant to us. It’s very hard to stay happy and hopeful when you’re struggling for so long. I know that it’s a really short time in the scheme of things, but 18 months seems like 18 years when you’re in the thick of it.

Please, keep us in your prayers. We now have to find a washer/dryer, some furniture, and more before the move. We also have to find a place to live and we have to begin the sad process of taking the Texas off of our vehicles. 😦

Again, thank you.

So, I guess it’s time to start up the moving van!


I feel good!

I know… I’m writing AND I’m happy. It’s a contradiction in itself. I can only surmise that it’s because I only write when I feel an strong emotion in one way or another, and I don’t typically feel extremely happy. At least, I don’t typically feel extremely happy when I’m alone and around a computer. Things are looking up for me lately. This week, my boss said that I was “coming along nicely,” and he also said “good work” to me. He’s a Simon Cowell-type of character, so these comments are of the highest caliber!

I’ll admit, I’ve been doing the Steve Carell “victory dance” this morning (think Evan Almighty).

On another note– something that irks me to no end:

— People who leave reviews on iTunes (or anything else for that matter) who cannot spell correctly to save their life.

i.e. “This is actually avery good pop cachy song whit a soft nice beet”

“This CD Iz soooooo hott! I like Paula but of course he’ll put that song on here cuz of American Idol DuH! No Fence Randy, this CD either way iz hott.”

No wonder people outside of the United States think most Americans are ignorant idiots! Misspelling for the fun of it is stupid. I don’t have a problem (AT ALL) with people who have a spelling problem, or have a reading problem, such as dyslexia. My frustration is directly pointed at people who deliberately misspell things or are too lazy to proofread what they have written. I make a million mistakes every time I type. However, I take 2 seconds to look over what I have written and I attempt to correct my mistakes.

I also HATE intentional misspellings on businesses/advertisements. I am NOT going to eat at Steak Kountry. The mere fact that you’ve spelled “Country” with a “K” turns my stomach. I’m also not going to take my child to any daycare called “Kiddie Kollege.” Do you think I believe you are providing an exemplary education when you don’t spell “College” correctly? Also, on that note, if you are promoting “great curiculum,” then make sure you spell curriculum correctly.

Am I the only person in the world that is DRIVEN NUTS by this?