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Social media overkill.

I am a mom.  I am a consumer.  I am an entrepreneur (an admittedly weak one, but still).  I am an internet user.  I am a social media stalker junkie.  I check my facebook and twitter often, for both updates on friends and to see if I have been contacted personally/feedback.  For months now, I have been struggling with something I see often from my “friends” — OVERLOAD.

I want to support my friends and their endeavors to make ends meet for their families.  I seriously do.  But I’m overwhelmed.  I’ve started hiding and deleting my friends that only post about “giveaways” on their blog, or promoting their business.  I understand that facebook and twitter is a good outlet for free publicity.  As a person who makes bows, bags, and more, I have loved the fact that I have been able to make a little money to help support my family through these media outlets.

Am I the only one that thinks that some people are taking it to far?

I’ll admit, I both understand and am frustrated by the “mommy blogging” business, as I’ve stated before.  It just feels to me like a junior-high popularity contest for mothers. (NOT EVERYONE, mind you, but there are several like this out there.) I talked to a friend of mine months ago that mentioned that he defriended a girl we grew up with because she had become one of these people. He said (paraphrase): that she was “not the only girl that had ever had a baby and that her life is not as interesting as she wants everyone to think it is.”  HA!! My sentiments exactly. I don’t want to feel inadequate as a mother.  It’s hard enough as it is without having other moms out there making me feel like somehow she got the genetic jackpot. … I digress.

It’s just all becoming so much overkill.

It definitely makes me think twice before I promote anything of mine.  I don’t advertise my blog 15 times a day.  I don’t update my facebook with posts on what I’m selling all the time.  I am working towards a website, logo, etc, because they are necessary at this point.

All this redundant promotion — It’s making facebook so much less fun.

Anyone else overwhelmed?