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Friday Five – Halloween Edition

In honor of Halloween – I will do a Friday Five of random things that really creep me out!

1. Haunted Houses!  I have been to 3 haunted houses in my lifetime… and only actually IN two.  House #1 was at my dad’s work … the prison. A haunted house in a PRISON.  I was in 2nd grade. This completely shapes my view of a haunted house.  I was told by someone else that the inmates worked this haunted house.  Not likely, but when you’re 8, you believe it.  The last image of the haunted house was this guy:

This face haunts me still!

Haunted house #2 was at the Bricktown Haunted Warehouse when I was a freshman in high school.  They made me get at the back of the line where a creepo chased me whispering and blowing on my neck. In my haste to escape, I fell down a flight of stairs. Never again.

Haunted house #3 was an attempt to get me to go with my college freshman boyfriend in Fort Worth.  I was begged to go and I almost did it… until a 6+ foot tall guy clanging axes together asked me if I wanted to die. I didn’t. I think my boyfriend hated me that night. I was in tears. Creepy thing #2…

2. Mascots.  Things in masks (probably another reason I don’t like haunted houses).  You don’t know whose in those things!


This probably stems from a mascot chasing me when I was a cheerleader in high school…

3.  Creepy Crawly things! Spiders, bugs, etc!

EWWW!! ::shutter!::

4. People who I catch picking their nose.  I know everyone does it… but do it in a bathroom with a tissue.  Don’t do it in your car or on the couch.  That’s gross.

This is totally wrong. I know. But admit it, you laughed.

5. … you choose.  Let me know what you think is creepy!

Happy Halloween, my friends!  You may not hear from me for a week… but I’ll be missing you!