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Forcing myself to write

Okay, so I’m using an old creative writing technique.  I am going to write without stopping for 10 whole minutes.  I cannot backspace (unless I am fixing a misspelling) and I cannot change a thing about what I am writing.  Has anyone else ever tried this technique?  It’s like thinking out loud.  It helps to get the creative juices flowing.  It doesn’t always produce anything incredibly great, and there is usually a lot of crap mixed in with anything good, but it helps to force the writer to write.  I haven’t written in a long time.  Sometimes I feel like a split personality on this blog, so I remain silent.  It seems unfair to the reader to read something about my depression and then read something that I write about coming out of the funk.  Usually after I write that, I’m back in the funk again.  Depression is not something that disappears easily.  Medication helps, but it doesn’t fully erase everything.  I love the stuff I’m on, but I don’t think in the same way that I used to.  I’m actually more “one track minded” than I used to be, because the medicine doesn’t let me spread things out anymore.  I also can’t just think about things that need to be done and do them as proactively as I used to.  Can I tell you that this writing without stopping thing is hard?  I also keep stumbling over my fingers and I keep mistyping stuff over and over again.
I was thinking about my brother earlier.  I sympathize with him and the things he’s going through.  I remember having many of the same fears.  I also don’t understand some of the things he struggles with.  I think he would be surprised however if he knew that I also struggle with his anti-socialness– I just have learned to force myself out of it so many times that it has become second nature to me.

I’m drawing blanks on things I should write.  Usually by this time, I have created something at least reasonably okay, but not today.  So, I apologize for the junk.  I am almost done.  One minute left.  I’m waiting for it to happen.  How bad is that? I used to love to write.  I’ve just been so busy existing that the creative things that I truly love have faded out of the way.

Whew. I’m done.  That’s 10 minutes of nonsensical writing.  Maybe you can see now how much polishing I usually do to my work.

I challenge you to try it.