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A baby story

I write this story with a two-week old child on my chest, a Mac in my lap, and a cup of coffee by my side.

This is my “baby story.”

Two weeks ago I was 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant.  My doctor and I had scheduled my induction for Monday, April 5, so I could know when I was going to see my sweet girl. I was full term, 2 cm dilated, and ready to be done with the pregnancy.  That morning, I woke up around 4:30 am, showered, fixed my hair, put on my makeup, and got dressed and ready to go.  Todd and I took our pre-labor pictures and we left for the hospital in the dark.  I was both excited and nervous.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:15, as we were supposed to be there by 6:30.  We walked into registration, registered, and went to the labor and delivery floor to start the induction.  Immediately I was asked to put on the ever-attractive hospital gown and to use the bathroom.  Then I got to sit in the bed and wait for the nurse.  My nurse’s name was Sara.  She was amazing.  She put the blood pressure cuff on my arm, the heart-rate monitor on my finger, and the IV in my left hand (2nd time’s the charm).  We were set up and on the pitocin by 7:30.  I was still about a “2”.

At 8:15 am, my doctor came in to check on me and break my water.  That was not so painful/uncomfortable… no more than a normal check up, but it was the weirdest sensation I have ever felt.  Have you ever peed your pants repeatedly on a bed and there is nothing you can do about it? Yes.  That’s what it felt like.  I felt pretty icky.  They upped my pitocin and we waited some more.

Around 9:30 am, family started pouring in.  First it was Todd’s parents (they were the closest to the hospital). Then my parents came because they couldn’t wait at home any longer.  My contractions were coming in, nice and close.  They were uncomfortable, but not the “jump off the bed” painful that other family members claimed they were.  Did I just have a decent pain tolerance? I don’t know.  The problem with the contractions, however, were that they were coming closely but I couldn’t relax through them.  Pop was asking, “is the baby here yet?”  My mom was GLUED to the monitor screen.  Every few seconds I kept hearing, “are you having a contraction now?”  “Must not be bad yet, she’s not yelling.”  As they were getting consistently more painful, I was retreating into being quieter and quieter.  I only knew to be quiet.   I asked my nurse (after everyone was out) about the epidural.  I had wanted to make it to a 5 before I got one.  I also didn’t think I was suffering enough yet.  At this time I was dilated to about a 3… maybe a 4.  I thought I would wait about 30 more minutes, but after Sara saw how I was reacting to the family in the room, she suggested I get it.

Then the Nurse Anethesist arrived.  He prepped my back and it was uncomfortable, but not painful.   It wasn’t until the epidural kicked in that I realized how much pain I had been in!  It felt SO nice to be calm, but that’s when everything started going crazy.

First, the baby’s heart rate started jumping everywhere.  So, they started moving me into weird positions to take strain off of her.  Then, my blood pressure dropped dramatically, so they had to give me medicine to try to bring me up again.  Then the baby couldn’t calm down.  They couldn’t get a good read on the external baby monitor, so they had to put an internal one in.  Then I was checked again.  I was making no progress.  I had to get an internal monitor for my contractions put in.  I’m still being twisted like a pretzel.  I had to be put on oxygen.  I had a blood pressure cuff, a heart rate monitor, an epidural in my back, an IV in my left hand, a catheter, an oxygen mask, and two internal monitors.  I was wired for sound.  My nurse practically lived in my room.  She was very calm and nice, although I could see that she was concerned.  My family also kept telling me that my screen didn’t look like any of the other women’s on the floor.  My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, but they weren’t helping, so the pitocin was practically turned off.  My nurse told me to be prepared for anything.

Finally, my doctor came in and told me about my options.  According to her, the baby was under some stress.  My body (cervix) wasn’t relaxing enough to let her descend.  She was developing a knot on her head where she was trying to press through but my body wouldn’t let her.  Her heart rate was also approximately 30 beats a minute faster than when we started that morning.  My doctor said that if I was completely opposed to a c-section, then she would wait, but she recommended that we get one.  She said that if she thought I had even a 50/50 chance of delivering naturally she would wait, but it didn’t look possible.  I told her, “I’m up for whatever is best for her.”

Within 15 minutes of that conversation we were in the operating room.  They moved FAST!  Todd was called out of the waiting room (where he was trying to eat a bit of lunch) and put on scrubs.  The Nurse Anethesist came and checked on my epidural. We found out it had come unscrewed!  So, he gave me quite a punch of medicine to make sure I couldn’t feel anything.  All I remember was shaking uncontrollably from head to toe! They put a very nice and warm blanket on my shoulders to minimize the shaking. 15 minutes and some tugging later, I had a baby!

7 lbs, 5 oz
19.25 inches long
2:50 pm

She is beautiful.

Todd left to be with her and film all her firsts.  I remained in the OR for about 45 minutes.  The time actually flew by, and I told some funny stories from the table. 🙂 Ask me sometime about the “gnome” story.

After I was in my recovery room, Todd and my sweet girl came to be with me.  We had almost 1 1/2 hours to ourselves where I got to hold and nurse her for the first time.

My baby story was everything that I didn’t want it to be, but it was truly wonderful and not as bad as I thought all those interventions would be.  I had a healthy girl (no jaundice!) and a new family. Todd and I are in love.