The “P” Word

I want to talk about the big, dirty, P-word.


I’ve had a problem with politics for a long time and I believe that I am not alone.  Now, I don’t hate government. I vote. I read up on the issues.  Heck, I attended “Girls’ State!” (Basically a government boot camp for H.S. juniors.)

I hate the hatred.

I’m so tired of only the polarized and caricatured views of our political parties being displayed to the world.  Not all Democrats are Godless liberals.  Not all Republicans are Bible-beating jerks. There are far more moderates than the polarizing Right vs. Left. It’s possible to be a part of different parties and get along. It’s even possible to be a part of different parties and live in the same house!

This morning, I watched President Obama give a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Do you know what my first thought was? “I wonder how my facebook post feed is going to display this. It’s either going to be a hatred statement or it will be ignored completely.”

Why? Because I hear all too often on how Obama is not a Christian.  Or how he didn’t participate during National Day of Prayer one year and now our country is going to Hell. Never mind that I watched it on CNN. (But you’re a Christian! How can you watch that channel?!)

He spoke heavily on personal faith today, and I believe him. Why? Because I choose to.

How would I feel if every single time I spoke about my faith I was called a liar?  Or when I choose to watch TV I’m accused of being ungodly? Or when I talk and care for my Muslim, atheist, homosexual, etc. friends I am accused of being one of them?  I don’t understand where the Bible says we are to spew judgment and hatred towards them.  How can I judge my president or anyone else for that matter?

I’m SO tired of the hatred.  If you’re not my “friend” anymore on Facebook, this is likely a good reason why.  It’s not because I only want to hear about what I believe in, it’s because I believe that if you can’t discuss it in a loving and rational way, then you are not worth my time.  Conversations held in judgment and anger are not edifying to God.  I would liken it to a “Jesus Juke” much like Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like) discusses.

It doesn’t matter what my political preference is.  What matters is the fact that I learn what the facts are and I try to align it with what I believe the Bible teaches to be true.  I add in a dash of love and a liberal amount of Grace (Oh Dear Jesus! I said liberal!).

Is it possible to be friends?  To discuss politics in love and still remain amiable?  Or will it forever be on my “don’t discuss” list because of the red-faced, vein-popping angry results?

Seriously, though.  When Obama’s speech is posted online, you should read it.  And show some love.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Totally agree, I do. We’re drowning in the vitriol.

    And I’m not even gonna touch the things you said about religious people and politics because … I have some beef there.

    (This is Jamie Banister, fyi. New account. 🙂 )


  2. “Not all Democrats are Godless liberals. Not all Republicans are Bible-beating jerks. There are far more moderates than the polarizing Right vs. Left.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, cool-headed moderates don’t garner ratings like the polarizing figures do. I listen to ESPN radio a lot, and one of the hosts on there says all the time that his job isn’t to present the facts- it’s to present his opinion and get consumers to have a reaction of some kind. Unfortunately, that’s what the “news” has become, too- facts peppered with opinions and commentary. Good post, April.


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