Friday Five

1. I think something is up with my kid.  Is it teething?  Is it winter congestion?  She’s only 8 1/2 months… and a toothless wonder.  Needless to say, we have no idea how she’s going to react to teething and she is acting a little… off.  This will be easier once I figure out how she reacts, right?  I am no good at this guessing game.

2. Only 8 more days til Christmas!  Shopping was easy this year (we didn’t buy presents) and now I’m just trying to hold off from buying too many groceries until after the holiday. These stores are craaaazy!  We are celebrating Christmas Eve with my family after my husband gets off work (ah, retail) and then we are driving to Texas Christmas morning. 

3. Speaking of Texas… I will be in the great state a few extra days with my girlie!  Of course, the hubs can’t go with me because of… retail. Oh, the life!  Seriously, though.  I need to see some of my Lone Star friends… and eat some real Mexican food.  Honestly, Oklahoma doesn’t really cut it.  It’s more TexMex than Texas!

4. THE KIDDO IS MOBILE. She’s been mobile for a while, pulling up on everything and rolling/sitting in a way that helped her get across the room.  She has shown NO interest in crawling.  Didn’t rock or anything.  Then on Monday, as I was wrapping gifts, she just took off in a perfect crawl! Crazy girl. 🙂  Now’s she’s crawling and furniture surfing and everything.  This kid.  She likes to do a million things at once.  Oh, and no obstacles can slow her down.  She also likes to try to grab my Aunt and Uncle’s cat.  Linzie will hiss at her and it doesn’t faze her in the SLIGHTEST.  I’m in trouble.

5. Come back here on Monday. I have some super great news to share!! The post is written and it will post at 8 am.  I know, why wait?  Todd has asked me to and if he gives me the go-ahead before then, you’ll know sooner!

Have a happy weekend! Good luck if you’re still shopping.  I saw Santa on a bench this week and nearly wrecked, so make sure you’re paying attention.  You want to stay on the “nice” list!



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