Friday Five – Life Update Edition

I have a little break in my job … my girls are asleep (well, the sweet 2 month old is, my little turkey has been fighting it for the last 30 minutes in the crib).  I’ve been wanting to write for a while, but often I can’t get the timing of the girls’ schedules together enough to do anything. 

So today is a Friday five – life update.

1. We think we’re giving the church thing a break for a while. Maybe forever.  I’m not saying that we are not planning to attend church … I mean we are reevaluating our roles as staff within a church.  My husband has searched for years to try to find the right fit, but nothing has seemed to be both available and right.  I hate to say it, but churches can be mean.   I would never have thought that the “secular” world would be the kinder, more predictable and merciful avenue.  We’re just going to take it one step at a time.  We’re not against it, but we’re not trying anymore.

2. We’re about to have another baby in the family! This will be the 3rd baby in 2010.  Danee Ryan is due on my brother’s birthday (Nov. 29) and we are so ready! When I was talking to my grandma last week, I mentioned, “I can’t believe we’re about to have another baby in this family!” Her immediate response was, “You’re not pregnant again, are you?!” Totally disgusted. Thanks, grandma.  I understood why she was nervous, but seriously? Must you sound so horrified?

3. Linking back to #1 and babies — I have a job!  I am the caretaker for my sweet 2 month old cousin and my 6 year old cousin (after school and holidays).  It’s a little pocket money, a help to my aunt and uncle, and it’s something for me to work towards! I feel like I’m doing something. Now trust me, my kid keeps me plenty busy.  She’s one of the most intense children I have EVER met.  On those lines…

4.  …I don’t know if I’m getting payback for my own childhood, if my child is exceptionally gifted, or because I have taken care of children my whole life and God thought I could handle it, but my kid is INTENSE!  She doesn’t sleep well.  EVER.  She’s either laughing or crying.  She’s all over the place.  If she gets something in her mind, she WILL NOT STOP until she gets it.  So determined.  She throws tantrums like you wouldn’t believe.

…and now we’re going through separation anxiety.

Kid! I love you.  OVERWHELMINGLY so. Please, don’t cry everytime I set you down. Just go to sleep without an HOUR of struggle.  Stop grabbing at me so hard that you are leaving bruises. 

What to do?

5. Maybe I should just make this a Friday four.  Cause I’m done.

Now, to go coax my almost 8 month old that has been fighting sleep for an hour now.

Happy Friday!


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