My Mushy Mind Minds being Mushy.

Ahh, alliteration. 🙂

LOL, I first typed illiteration!  Ok… that might only be funny to grammar nazis and word nerds.

I haven’t written often enough to suit myself.  I’m suffering from mushy-brain-itis. I feel like we’ve been so busy! We’ve been traveling a bit, the house is a wreck, projects are everywhere and I can’t seem to get a good handle on it!

Current projects: diaper bags (I’m being taught how to do the entire thing from scratch… before now I was just doing parts), sippy cup leashes (learned here), making baby food (carrots, peas, green beans, yellow squash, sweet potatoes), and trying to get ready for vacation!

My “want to do/need to do” list: I’ve bought lots of sparkly stuff for bows that I want to get making, diaper wipe cases, diaper cases (playing around with patterns right now), packing!

On that note– how do you survive a week of vacation with a baby?!? It’s not her – it’s the STUFF!! I’ve spent weeks at my inlaws, but they have all the good stuff! Crib, bath stuff, towels, cloths, etc. We’re about to stay in a wonderful, cozy cabin and I am SO excited. Now I have a baby food eater, a sitter, and an inquisitive kiddo!

What are some essentials? Should we bring the jumper for some sanity?

My mushy mind can’t comprehend it.  I find myself leaving water running or my keys in the fridge these days.  I have NO idea what I’m going to pack for myself or how I’m going to get my house in it’s usual pre-vacation shape… so if you can help me de-mush my mind that would be magnificent. 🙂


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