I first met Stafford Harris in December 2004.  Todd and I had just begun dating and he invited me to attend the “Harris family Christmas.”  We drove onto his grandparents property and I fell in love with his family.

Stafford always greeted you with a big smile and a LOUD hello.  He’d come into Todd’s parents’ house with his polyester pants, button down shirt, and leather belt. His eyes had a mischievous sparkle to them, like he had just finished saying or doing something to provoke his wife.  (lol, he usually had.) He would come in, saying “Howdy!” and he would give you a great big hug.  He would ask you about your life and he would always encourage you to be strong in the Lord.

Stafford was a Missionary Baptist preacher for most of his adult life.  When Todd and I had struggles with the church, he was the first person to encourage and strengthen us.  He worried for us, prayed that we wouldn’t stray from the church, and would call to check on how we were doing.  He was so proud that Todd was called into vocational ministry.  At our wedding, he gave a long speech on the importance of remaining supportive to each other, remembering how tough ministry is and how important it is to have a partner.

PawPaw was also an amazing fiddle player.  A fisherman.  A carpenter. A handyman.  A man of God.  A father.  Grandfather.  Believer.

Today he was taken to be with God.  A friend of mine said (paraphrase) – today is a sad day for us, but a day of rejoicing for him.  He gets to see Jesus today.  He is whole and healed again.

He is so lucky.

We will miss you, PawPaw.  Todd will miss you.  I am so glad you were able to hold our little girl and love on her.  You were simply the best. I know you are rejoicing today.

Until we meet again.


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  1. Mr. Harris taught me some wonderful tunes on the fiddle. I will miss him very much. He was a great man.


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