Just a blog post.

I haven’t really been in the mood to write lately.  Scratch that.  I’ve wanted to write but I have had a difficulty compelling myself to come up with anything of any major importance.  So, like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to list a few things so I can sort my brain.

1. 3 days of minimal routine does a cranky baby make. Poor girl. She has hardly napped the last few days and she’s a good napper.  My mom has been watching her and has rocked her to sleep several times.  I’m not anti-rocking, but she is now having a hard time going to sleep without being soothed or rocked to sleep.  I was enjoying putting Annabelle down to sleep while she was awake and she falling gently off to sleep.  She’s also been out of the house and not at a good place for naps for several days.  This week I plan to stay at home as much as possible to get her back in the groove.

2. Car seats. I have been researching for months for a new car seat for munchkin. I’ve finally decided on one that is on sale this week, I can combine discounts for 25% off, and I LOVE.  There was only 2 at the store as of yesterday.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping one will still be there! If not, you better believe I’ll be driving to Targets all over Oklahoma.

3. Finding God/spiritual muck. The reason why I haven’t really been able to compel myself to writing anything more meaningful is because I have a heavy and deep issue internally that I am working out.   It’s not something that I am comfortable sharing the details on to the whole world.  This is a blog after all, and I know enough first-hand about churches and Christians reading and gleaning to use personally against a person.  I’ve alluded to it on here, but I can’t delve as deeply as I would like.  I’m not sure I even know how to dredge it up in such a way that is clear and concise.

The issue that is burdening my heart is putting a brake on an opportunity that has arisen.  My question is this:  can a person make a huge change when they are not ready spiritually?

Ugh. Even now I can’t explain it.  I am weary.


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  1. Posted by Lisa P on September 7, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Answering a question with a question.
    Could it be that the change is needed in order to BECOME spiritually ready?
    I don’t even want to begin to know or understand what your “huge change” is or what your “spiritual” condition is but it MIGHT be like the statement often made by young couples. We don’t want to have a baby until we are financially ready. WELL, honestly, we are NEVER financially ready to have a baby. BUT, we find that when we HAVE the baby somehow finances are not as much the issue but rather, somehow, it all falls into place.
    Maybe, change is what you need in order to find your way spiritually.
    NOW, once again. I’m just talking in the air not knowing the whole story so take this statement however it needs to be taken. Trash or treasure.


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