A Little Saving Grace

I have found a little saving grace.

It is in a 4 (almost 5!) year old little boy.

3 weeks ago I began watching my cousin.  His current caregiver didn’t want to watch kids in her home anymore, and since he was getting ready to start school, he wasn’t going to need all-day care anymore.  He is also about to get a little sister.  She is going to need care as well, so my aunt and uncle asked me if I would be up for the task.  This is why this is good:

1. I can go to work in my PJ’s.  (Although, at this point, I am DYING to wear non-stretchy clothes!)
2. I get to continue to stay “at home” to raise my daughter.
3. I get to warp… I mean teach… little minds. 😉
4. It’s a little pocket money.

But this is why it’s the best.  Matt-attack (trust me, it fits him) is my saving grace.  He reminds me of the joy of little things.  He gets my mind off of my own self-pity.  He gives me energy.  He wears me out.  I find myself juggling things again, even if it is breakfast, sewing, chores, a boy, and a baby.  The house is messy and noisy.  It is lived in. I am fighting to treasure the quiet shower all to myself and the cup of coffee in the wee small hours of the morning.  … and I love it.

We all need a little juggling in our lives– a juggling we can manage.  Something smaller than survival and bigger than what to eat. When we find ourselves complacent and bored, we miss the good things that we have to work for, and it’s important to have something to work for.

Now, I’m going to get back to enjoying the quiet sounds of a/c, fans, and jazz music.  I’ve earned it, after all. 🙂


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