Todd LOVES me!


My name is Todd and I am April’s husband. Every church that April has worked at I have been “April’s Husband” or “The Drummer Guy” so for those of you who know April through church, this will help clear up who I am! =)

I love April so much and am so proud of her through all the mess that she has unfortunately had to go through. I however have seen strength in the hurt and light in the darkness through the countless briar patches that we have had to fight through.

April, I love you and am SO proud of you as a wife, spouse, partner and mom! Keep smiling and keep laughing because those are two things that NOBODY can take from you regardless of troubles.

I do not find it fair that you have been treated like trash from some church staff in the past but we must remind ourselves that judgement is for our Just God and one day, He will give judgement where it is due.

I love you and I hope this brightens up your day!  ~Todd


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