Someone’s Child

My outlook on children’s ministry is changing.  I entered into children’s ministry because I love kids. I wanted to teach them about the love of Christ.  I have spent my entire college career and 3 years post-grad loving on children and telling them about God.  They were not my own, but I loved them.  I enjoyed looking at them and seeing their brains and bodies growing and developing before me.  I was thrilled when my 8 month old kids started to develop object permanence.  I thought my preschoolers’ egocentrism was fascinating.  I loved teaching my elementary aged kids and watching their rapidly absorbing minds swallow the information whole.  When I saw my kids dancing to “Indescribable” or heard them singing “Mighty to Save,”  I cried.  Tears still come to my eyes.

I’ve always wanted to be a good minister.  But, I’ve always had a disadvantage.

I’ve never had a child of my own. Until now.

Todd and I have quickly realized how priceless our child is. Suddenly, the rush for me to get a job has shifted to a rush to find a job and a place where I can be available to my child as much as possible.  Finding someone we trust enough to keep our precious child is nearly impossible. I worry about her when I’m driving down the road and I can’t see her.  I want to protect her as much as I can.  I cry as I try to describe to her who God is and how much she is loved.  I love sharing everything I know with her. My heart breaks when she’s sad.

Because she is my child.

I am beginning to realize now how parents feel the first time they trusted their child to me or to a teacher within my department.  Not everyone is qualified to care for my child.  I want someone who will treat my child as her own.  I don’t want my girl to be just another child.

If I ever find myself employed by a church again, I will work harder to make sure the children in my care will be treated like my children.  They will be loved and cherished.  I will provide an environment that is safe and fun.  I will talk to the kids about Christ with a passion and urgency.  I will focus less on “looking flashy” and more on love.  I will stand up for myself and the children more.  I will not allow myself to be bossed around and subsequently lose focus on what is important.

My goal will be for every parent to feel like they can trust my department and that they are leaving their child with a person that will treat their child with love.

Because each child is someone’s child.  I am someone’s child.

I hope I did these things well when I was a minister.  I “knew” all of this before… but I KNOW it now.  I feel it now.  I am beginning to truly understand it.  More than ever, I believe these things.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by cassie Hays on April 30, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    I loved reading this. and these things you write about never ever change. they only grow and deepen. just wait till this Christmas, i mean i look at mary’s roll in Jesus’s life in a whole new way. all things about God become very real the moment you become a parent. i think u finally get what a sacrifice He made.


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