Making a note of it

Last Year- Christmas 2008

Husband: Todd, 2 years

Job: Children’s Minister

Children: none

Location: McKinney, TX

Living arrangement: a 2 bedroom apartment in a gated community in McKinney

Where was I Christmas Eve? Todd and I had to work Christmas Eve (he at Target, I at the church).  We drove into Longview that night where we opened our Christmas Eve traditional gift (this year was slippers).  Then we had a lovely day in Longview  with Mom, Pop, and Josh (Courtny was in the near future) where we flew balsa wood airplanes, I received a lovely purse and the Friends DVD set (among other things) and we ate good food all day long (King Ranch Casserole. Yum.)

This Year – Christmas 2009

Husband: Todd, 3 years

Job: None, fired 4 months ago

Children: 26 weeks pregnant (approx 6 months) – girl

Location: Lexington, OK

Living arrangement: a lovely 5th wheel next to my grandparent’s home

Where was I Christmas Eve? I was alone in my grandparents’ house with my grandfather.  Grandma is at the hospital (where she works) sleeping in a hospital room.  Todd is at my aunt’s house- a result of the blizzard- and wont be here until Christmas day.  My parents are at home.  My other parents (Todd’s parents) are in Longview.   The original plans were for Todd, me, Josh, Courtny, Mom and Pop to all meet in Greenville, TX and spend Christmas together.

What hampered the plans:  The great Oklahoma blizzard of 2009.  Over 11 inches of snow, 50+ MPH winds, ALL metro interstate roadways closed, and hundreds of accidents.  Took Todd 1 1/2 hours to drive 4-5 miles.  Todd’s parents stayed in Longview, where they had a tornado yesterday.  Josh and Courtny was able to spend Christmas Eve with her family and is now in Longview where they are having a fun time (at least I hope so. 🙂 )

It’s crazy how much can change in one year!


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  1. Posted by Curtis McMinn on December 30, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Erin and I love you both! Thanks for being such a great friend!


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