Sometimes the deepest breaths are the hardest ones to take.  Most people prefer the shallow one – a breath that no one thinks about. The natural breath.

It’s not always possible.

Sometimes life forces you to take the deep breaths because the wind has been knocked out of you. Something or someone has come by and stolen the very path you walk on and you fall, hitting your back on a new, hard, cold surface that leaves you feeling disoriented and drained.

How will you find your way now?

It leaves you lost for hours, days, weeks, months, even years.  Although you eventually make your way back, those moments never disappear.  Your mind still remembers clearly what the night looked like as you drove away.  Intermittently, images of him flash in your mind.  You remember what she looked like when times were good.  Anything. Everything. It all comes back.

And you’re left there, barely breathing.


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