The Beauty of Love

I have finally arrived at the stage in my life where I have seen quite a few of my friends before and after falling in love.  Although I have seen a few divorced, the majority of the people I know are happily married. Through watching them, I’ve started noticing little things about them. 

I have decided that the best beauty regiment for a face is love. 

Love brings a glow to the cheeks
a sparkle in the eye
a smile so compelling you can see it a mile away

I am not talking about the new I-must-have-you kind of love.

I am talking about the glow of forever, life-changing, secure love.

Let’s take my friend Matt, for example.  When I met him, he was a funny guy.  Cute in a funky kind of way, and really fun to be around.  Matt’s the kind of guy you’re excited to be around, so you’d think there’s nothing really to be improved on. Then he met Kristen.  A gorgeous tall blonde with one of the prettiest smiles you’ll ever see. Both are attractive… at least I’ve always thought so. They were married this past May. 

I see pictures of them now, and they are so in love.  I’m sure it’s not always perfect,  but I know that they love each other very much. 

I saw a picture of Matt today and he looked so handsome.  It was a handsomeness that could have only come from Kristen’s love. His eyes sparkled and crinkled around the corners with unshed laughter and his goofy smile probably came from something she said. 

I know this sounds cheesy, but I could notice a softness coming from him because of his love and security in his wife. It made him more handsome than he has ever been.  I see how men in marriage live longer than single men.  It brings an illusive energy that can’t be duplicated.  I don’t think they have a perfect marriage… no one does.  I do, however, think that they’re figuring out that what they have is rare. 

Now that my eyes are opened to it, I notice it in my friends who are truly in love and truly comfortable in their love with each other. I hope that Todd and I radiate the same to our friends.  I hope I still radiate it like my parents who have been married 29 years this year, or my grandparents who have been married 51 years this week. 

Love truly makes you beautiful.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kristen on March 8, 2009 at 7:58 pm


    That is so sweet. I never would have thought that our love would have that kind of impact on anyone besides us. No our marriage is not perfect but I have a very strong feeling that our love is. You and Todd have always been great friends and I see the same things in your marriage. You have really made my night!

    with much love,


  2. Posted by Matt on March 8, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    You are too sweet, April. I miss you guys so much. I am happy that you have noticed how beautiful Kristen is. =D I’m so flattered about what you said about me, I have no words except these:

    I don’t know what a “perfect marriage” looks like, but between myself and Kristen, I think it’s about as close as a couple can get.

    Love you guys.



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