pet peeve list #1

Now,  a small list of things that drive me batty.  I’m sure the list will get much longer!

1. Intentional misspellings on businesses, publications, and blogs.  Kwik Korner is Quick Corner.  The alliteration is still there, people! Boi is spelled BOY. Gurl is GIRL.  Kiddie Kollege is- oh, don’t get me started. Well, let me just say this. I’m not going to take my child to a school where they can’t spell the name of their school right. I don’t care how “cute” it is.  I wont do it.  Anyone else with me?

2.  People who overuse ellipses.  For those who don’t know what ellipses are … you just saw them.  It’s okay to use them appropriately, but when they overtake common punctuation it becomes too much.  You know them… the people who always write with them… and they can’t seem to stop… and I used to do this once upon a time… and then I realized how bad it was for writing… I stopped.  Use them SPARINGLY, please.

3. Diva singers who are off-key.  Please, if you’re that good, you know you’re running flat.  Or sharp.  It’s okay to hear the earnest, praising, sweet singer who is trying her best be a little off, but if you have the attitude, you better be good.  Simply put, I’m decent enough myself to know that you suck.  (Ooh, that was harsh wasn’t it?)

On that incredibly mean note, I’ll stop writing about this stuff.  Too much complaining can be bad.

But it feels so good. 😉


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