a great blog

I’ve just encouraged my brother to start a blog.

As the self-proclaimed writer in my family, I take pride in the written word. I crave it. I cherish it. I devour it as often as I can, savoring the lyrical musicality of a well-written piece. Last week, I encouraged my brother to start a blog himself. I told him about wordpress.com, and recommended it for any budding writer. It’s a grown-up sort of blog, free from the world of xanga’s, facebooks, myspaces, etc. It’s a place where a person can write into the great unknown and not feel the stress of a “popularity blog.” (Definition (April’s International Dictionary) -A “popularity blog” is a blog that is typically associated with a website such as xanga or myspace. The authors of such blogs are generally obsessed with responses from other readers.) Thus, my brother’s weblog was born.

Immediately I became entranced in my brother’s writing. He’s incredibly eloquent. Just last week, Forrest claimed that I was the writer in the family. Now I’m not so sure. In this particular case, I truly believe that a little sibling rivalry is a positive thing. He’s spurring me further into writing. He’s a phenomenal writer.

I would attempt to write further, but at this moment there are 3 other people in this hotel room and they are currently interrupting my train of thought every 2 minutes. Honestly, it has taken an hour to write this short blip.

On another note– I turn 24 today! Happy Birthday to me!


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